Not Getting what you need

Moving from place to place, from person to person. Trying to sop up some kind of a personality, through people as faded as a smoked cigarette. I didn't start really digging into my music until i had nothing left to show but a few dollars and a guitar. Believe me when i tell you, Not getting what you need can change your entire entity. 

Growing up, The house WAS music. 

Father-Drummer                                         Mother-Singer                                           All 5 Sisters-Singers                                      All of the family and family relatives were saturated with music and was the beating heart that bonded all of us.

Took me a while to come around to my musical side. My father taught me how to play drums very young. After High School i'd picked up the guitar finally. Learned Cello in college, and shortly after how to write a song. That song was 'Melancholy'. These are footnotes, You have no idea what its been like on this journey. Or, maybe you do.

If you are reading this,

you must have a

 little bit of musical curiosity.

Try to stick around.